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The Bioinformatics Roadshow

The Bioinformatics Roadshow will bring a series of lectures and hands-on practicals to any group of scientists who seek to broaden their knowledge and skills with bioinformatics tools and services.

The data resources funded by FELICS will send trainers to your institute to train your scientists. The roadshow is modular and can be tailored to your needs.

Roadshows typically last two days and in that period can cover four half-day ‘maxi’ modules or a mix of maxi modules and smaller, more flexible ‘mini’ modules, with the possibility of running parallel sessions if necessary. See our training calendar for our current roadshow schedule.

The 'Training on Tour - The Bioinformatics Roadshow' brochure presents details of the module components, roadshow requirements and how to book a roadshow. A copy of the brochure can be downloaded here. For further information, you can also visit the Bioinformatics Roadshow web page or contact the roadshow coordinator Janet Copeland.

Training materials

Database fact sheets and step-by-step guides are available for many of the data resources funded by FELICS. Please visit the EBI training pages and select the appropriate topic in the 'training by topic' menu.