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The FELICS project is composed of a set of tasks - Joint Research Activities (jra), Networking Activities (na), and Transnational Access (ta). Joint Research Activities will facilitate development of the biomolecuar databases. Networking Activities will facilitate project management, support for personnel exchanges, and training/outreach. Transnational Access will encompass web access to all the EBI data and services, including FELICS-funded resources. At the EBI, the FELICS coordinator (assisted by a Scientfic Project Officer) will be responsible for the management tasks and for all interactions which cut across discrete activities such as joint research activities and network activities. The individuals with direct responsibilities for activities and deliverables will form the management team, along with the coordinator and the principle investigators from all partners.


  Task Description and specific objectives of the task Participants
Networking Activities
na01 Management of the I3 0versight of activities, tasks and deliverables. Reporting, financial management and guidance procedures. EBI, SIB, TUBS, EPO
na02 Exchanges of personnel Extended visits between partner sites of technical staff in response to demanding challenges as they arise. EBI, SIB, TUBS, EPO
na03 Outreach Training workshops and roadshows, publicity and documentation, web tutorials. EBI, SIB, TUBS, EPO
Transnational Access Activities
ta01 Access to EBI Web access to all the data and services of the EBI. EBI
Joint Research Activities
jra01 Technical Development and Curation of Genome Reviews Maintaining a database of complete sequences of chromosomes and plasmids, distributed in flat files and relational format. EBI, SIB
jra02 Development of Integr8 web portal and database A web-based portal combining data from many sources such as the UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB), InterPro, CluSTr, GO, HOGENOM and the European Macromolecular Structure Database. This portal is based on the central dogma of biology, reflecting the relationships between genes, transcripts and proteins. EBI, SIB
jra03 IntAct protein-protein interaction data resource The IntAct infrastructure currently represents a fully functional and highly portable, open source protein interaction database and analysis system. It will be maintained and enhanced. EBI, SIB
jra04 Microarray data acquisition infrastructure and repository Development of a novel data acquisition and management infrastructure is to enable submission of large scale experiments and develop ArrayExpress into a full production grade service. EBI
jra05 Microarray data management and building gene expression knowledge-base Managing, curating, annotating, mining, analysing and summarizing submitted gene expression data with the goal of building the gene expression knowledgebase. EBI
jra06 Dictionary of Chemical Compounds ChEBI is a public database for biologically relevant "small compounds" (molecules not encoded by the genome). It will be extended, enhanced, and cross-referenced. EBI, EPO
jra07 Structure Deposition, Curation and Annotation Processing and curating data submitted to the Macromolecular Structure Database and enhancing the curation methods EBI, EPO
jra08 MSD query/result visualisation Development of enhanced query systems for macromolecular structure data. EBI, EPO
jra09 MSD Integration Integration of MSD data and SIB data with other data sources and maintenance of the links to these data. EBI, SIB
jra10 Improved enzyme annotation Enhancement of enzyme information by manual annotation, phylogenetic analysis, exploitation of rules, and literature screening. EBI, SIB
jra11 GPSDB Avoiding confusing use of different synonyms in the nomeclature of gene/protein entities by maintaining a synonym database. EBI, SIB
jra12 BRENDA enzyme properties and functions Maintaining a comprehensive database of enzyme and metabolic information. EBI, TUBS
jra13 The BRENDA computing tools (e.g. query engine, ligand data and text mining) Building the ligand database and the web portal for BRENDA. EBI, TUBS
jra14 Patent Sequence database, detection, capture and annotation of sequences Extraction and annotation of sequence data in the patent literature. EBI, EPO
jra15 Development and dissemination of standards Developing an agreed XML DTD to be used in sequence bearing patents and promoting its use in the patent offices. EBI, SIB, TUBS, EPO